Tips to help maintain memory Tips to help maintain memory

People with premature memory loss can improve their everyday life by giving themselves small reminders. Here are some examples:

  • Ask the person you are speaking with to repeat what they said.
  •  Repeat once or twice what someone else has said; this will help you to remember it better.
  • Write down appointments and other activities in an agenda or calendar. Keep it in an obvious location, such as beside your bed.
  • Leave messages around the house where you will see them, like on the bathroom mirror, beside the coffee maker or on the telephone.
  • Keep a list of important phone numbers beside each telephone.
  • Keep clocks and calendars around the house so that you’ll always know the date and time.
  • Label important items.
  • Develop habits and routines that are easy to stick to.

Plan activities that exercise the brain like crosswords, games, baking or indoor gardening. If possible, designate someone nearby who can help with any tasks that pose a risk of injury.

The Alzheimer’s Association indicates that patients with dementia can also have difficulty with language and communication, eating and personal care.

Keep in mind

Dementia is a loss in brain function caused by certain diseases. It affects the memory, thought processing, language, judgement and behavior.

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