Toilet training: Teaching children in a supportive way Toilet training: Teaching children in a supportive way

Children are generally ready to begin toilet training when they are between 18 and 24 months old.

This change requires patience and dedication and is a process that parents must initiate. Among the many recommendations for this process, one is to encourage children to use the toilet daily for three months, and to compensate them when they are successful at using it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following suggestions to create a toilet training plan:

  • Be positive. Children learn better when they are congratulated for their progress instead of punished for their mistakes. When children progress, give them a hug and maybe even a small token as a reward. When they fail, tell them you know they can do better next time and ask them to help you clean up.
  • Be persistent. Being consistent with a child’s bathroom routine involves keeping the toilet trainer in the same place as well as following a consistent sequence of actions, including wiping and hand washing.
  • Be involved and observant. The needs, behaviors and skills of very young children change frequently, and to some extent, they can be unpredictable. The training approach for learning to use the toilet that worked two weeks ago, may not work today.
  • Have fun. The toilet training process can also be a fun one. Do not take your child’s hesitancy, momentary fears or resistance too seriously. Sooner or later, most children learn to use the toilet.

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