Treat calluses to avoid more serious pain Treat calluses to avoid more serious pain

A callus is a thick piece of skin that develops on the upper sole of the foot, the upper part of the hands or in other areas that can suffer from friction or pressure. 

According to the website MedlinePlus, a callus is a protective reaction of the body. For example, farmers or people that practice rowing form calluses on their hands that prevent them from developing painful blisters. People with bunions on their feet experience calluses due to the friction with their shoe.

The most common manifestation of this condition is skin that is hard, thick, scaly and dry. While this condition is not serious, it can cause discomfort and bleeding. The following are recommendations to treat them:

  • If a shoe that does not fit you well is the source of the problem, most times, changing to a pair shoes that fits you better will help eliminate the problem.
  • The use of gloves to protect your hands when performing activities that cause friction such as gardening or weight lifting can help prevent calluses.
  • If an infection or blister forms in a region where there is a callus, it is important to be seen by a physician as the tissue may need to be removed. Taking antibiotics in such a case may be necessary.