Treating pain caused by biting Treating pain caused by biting

The jaw is made up of bones that support the teeth. Problems that affect any part of it can affect your bite.

The jaw is an uneven, flat, central and symmetrical bone that is shaped like a horseshoe. It is located in the anterior, posterior and inferior part of the face. The top part is the upper jaw and does not move, the lower part is dynamic and moves when you speak or chew.

Problems in this area of the face include fractures, dislocations, temporomandibular joint disorder and cancer. In each case, treatment depends on the cause. Another common condition is osteonecrosis, which occurs when the jawbone is exposed and its cells begin to die due to a lack of blood. Most of these cases occur after a dental extraction and are also associated with cancer treatments (including radiation), infections, the use of steroids or antiresorptive drugs used for osteoporosis.

Similarly, another common jaw problem is misaligned teeth, which occurs when the jaw is too small for the teeth. A slight misalignment causes the teeth to be too close together causing misalignment.

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