Treating vaginal infections Treating vaginal infections

Tight-fitting clothes, thong underwear, the use of pantiliners (when not changed frequently) and scented feminine washes are some of the causes of vaginal infections.

A vaginal infection is the presence and excess multiplication of pathogens in the vagina that leads to irritating and uncomfortable external symptoms. Caused mostly by yeast, bacteria and Trichomonas vaginalis, while these infections can happen at any age, women between ages 18 and 36 are most likely to experience them.

The most common type of infection is a yeast infection, specifically that which is caused by the species candida albicans. Its symptoms include white and clumpy discharge, pain and inflammation around in vulva (genital area), intense itching, and pain or a burning sensation during intercourse.

According to HealthyChildren, with the right treatment, patients can protect their intimate areas and continue with their day without worrying about yeast-related conditions.