Try these alternatives when exercising Try these alternatives when exercising

Three different options that will help you stay active, burn calories, and improve endurance.

It is normal for you to feel lazier than usual if you have to train at home, or for traditional aerobics, Pilates, or gym routines to seem boring. However, physical activity should be maintained for both physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, accompanying exercise with a balanced diet and hydration leads to a fairly healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, today we present three different options that can be of great help in achieving your training goals:

Jumping rope: Jumping with a simple rope or cord is great exercise to help your cardiovascular health, while strengthening muscles and working on coordination and balance at the same time. It is easy to do and can be done anywhere. According to the Mejor Con Salud website, “It is estimated that jumping rope for 30 minutes can help you burn up to 400 calories.”

Cycling simulator: Cycling is a sport that also helps with weight loss and cardiovascular endurance. Despite long distances, you can practice at home with “rollers,” which keep the bike fixed while you pedal. According to Mike Zabala, physical trainer of the Movistar team, in an interview with the newspaper El Espectador, sessions of two hours maximum are advisable, because 60 minutes using the roller can be equivalent to 120 on the highway, and combining it “with calisthenics, crunches, push-ups, anything that helps maintain posture,” he stated.

Punching ball: With this equipment, in addition to resistance, the body’s speed and reflexes will improve. According to the Savy website, centers for fitness and wellness, faster movements will be developed and even the ability to predict will improve. The important thing is to keep good posture and technique when punching, which will also strengthen the body’s balance and agility.

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