Turn family conflict into an opportunity Turn family conflict into an opportunity

Turn family conflict into an opportunity

Armony in health 4 October, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Conflict arises when two or more members of the family nucleus have different life objectives that are not compatible

This gap between ideals, goals, and ways of seeing and understanding the world, can end in a conflict between family members that is not always easy to resolve.

This difference is so great that confrontations become inevitable, transforming the harmony of a home. Different types and levels of conflict can occur depending on the traditions and beliefs of each family. Differences in generation, life changes and the big life-experiences that youth go through are some of the circumstances that most bring on conflict when they are not resolved in time.

This is why specialists recommend that the first step to take when strong disagreements occur at home is to not avoid them. When disagreements are handled well, they can be positive. People can recognize their mistakes and learn from them, and in the end, this can strengthen emotional connections and communication among family members.

As Elizabeth Gómez explains, a specialist in family therapy, when family issues are not resolved, this results in a tense environment, further rebellion, anger and even violence. “This is why it is so important to analyze and find possible answers to these problems together,” she explains.

Conflict at home is not just a critical time for those who experience it directly. The most important way to offer help as a friend or family member of someone who is having a conflict is by offering your understanding, support and by listening.

In the case that those involved cannot reach an agreement through dialogue, a specialist can intervene in the process that will use support and family therapy techniques.