Turning 60? On leading a productive life Turning 60? On leading a productive life

A few recommendations on the importance of leading a healthy and harmonious life in late adulthood.

In its report on aging and health, the World Health Organization discusses the need to change the concept of care for aging adults. The report discusses the importance of promoting healthy aging not just from the perspective of how the body functions but also from the perspective of mental health and mood.

A general practitioner and member of the research group, Envejecer bien un estudio sobre el envejecimiento exitoso y sus determinantes (Aging Well: A study on the Factors that Determine Successful Aging), José Fernando Gómez, offers four factors to take into consideration for aging well.

  1. An active social life: People who are involved in more social and religious activities have better social support networks, adhere more to their medical treatments and have lower rates of depression, anxiety and stress.
  2.  Learning new things: Evidence shows that a low level of education is a risk factor for cognitive deterioration when aging. While education can be an indicator, so can socioeconomic situations.
  3. Gender – women are more likely to age well: Women experience higher levels of social commitment including greater support networks, social support and more involvement.
  4. Having a good perception of one’s own health: This concept has been broadly accepted as a clear and reliable reflection of one’s overall state of health. Different factors can influence this such as the ability to function physically, and the presence of diseases and disabilities.

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