Two recipes for caring your digestion Two recipes for caring your digestion

Healthy feeding is key for preventing gastrointestinal problems and symptoms such as acor.

Doctor Maria Fernanda Vargas, a specialist on pharmacology comments that one of the most frequent digestive pathologies is sickness due to esophagogastric reflux. It occurs when the stomach liquid, load with acid, returns through the esophagus and its close organs. Herein below, three recipes recommended by this professional for caring your digestive system.

Vegetable soup


  •  250 g Pumpkin squash
  •  1 unit of red onion, cut in pieces
  •  3 units of Garlic
  •  1 unit of chicken breast
  •  C/n Salt
  •  C/n Pepper
  •  2000 ml Water


Slow cook all the ingredients during 45 minutes. When they are tender, blend them with one and a half cups of broth. Process for 5 minutes until obtaining a smooth texture. Serve.

Poke bowls


For the protein

  •  150 g Tuna fish
  •  150 g Shrimps
  •   ¼ cup of soy sauce
  •   1 table spoon of smashed garlic
  •   C/n Salt
  •   C/n Pepper
  •   C/n Oil

For the sauce

  •   1 table spoon of peanut butter
  •   1 table spoon of olive oil


  •       1 cup of whole rice
  •       1 unit of avocado
  •       10 units of asparagus
  •       1 carrot
  •       ½ red onion
  •       1 Lemon
  •       1 table spoon of sesame seeds


  1. Mix the seasoning ingredients for the protein, add the tuna fish and the shrimps. Lightly brown in a pan with oil.
  2. Slow cook the peanut butter and the oil until melted and mix.
  3. Serve whole rice as the base and place above the avocado, grated carrot, cooked asparaguses and onion. Add the tuna fish and the shrimps. Scatter lemon and sesame seeds over.

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