Understanding the growing up patterns in children Understanding the growing up patterns in children

Each child has his own growing up curve. The established patterns serve as a nutritional and development follow up guide.

Rather than imposing an average or a standard for the kids to be on, the growing up patters are just a guide to assess the suitable progression of weight and height of those children who are in a same range of age, and to identify in this way, any nutritional difficulty or potential problem any child could present. The pediatrician is the specialist who assesses and controls these tables or graphics. However, it is important for the parents to learn about some key data for better understanding the different measurements.

As highlighted by the United States National Library of Medicine, “there is a large range for what is considered “normal””. Just because your child is in percentile 15 for weight (meaning that 85 from 100 children weight more), rarely means that your kid is sick, that you are not feeding him sufficiently or that your breast milk is not enough for your baby”.

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The Colombian Minister of Health explains the criteria that should be taken into account at the time of studying the growing up graphics:

  1. Establishing the age, weight and height of a child.
  2. For the variables related to age (weight, size or height), the nutritional classification is obtained at the intersection of the vertical line corresponding to age, to the horizontal line corresponding to weight, size of height as it may correspond.
  3. A child’s growth should occur along a channel, following a line parallel to the average of the reference population.