Use our APP to connect Use our APP to connect

Use our APP to connect

CORPORATE 5 April, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

It is possible to transact several services, among them our virtual ID, through the Coomeva MP App. We renovated this to make things easier for you.

Our Coomeva MP has renovated to offer you more services and benefits and also to allow for permanent connectivity. This application makes it possible to book appointments with the Ambulatory Units of Christus Sinergia Salud, to request and consult authorizations of Doctor’s orders, to access the nationwide medical and odontological directory, to have your virtual ID, to visit the Salud Coomeva Review, to consult on health issues with Dr. Felix and to chat with your virtual assistant, Sara, who answers your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The majority of these schemes for virtual attention are of free access; nevertheless, login to some of them requires you be a registered user of Coomeva Prepaid Medicine. We invite you to download or update it so you can enjoy all its benefits that make life easier for you.

Updating your ID

As of July 1 all users must have their new Coomeva Prepaid Medicine ID to access the different services. If you still don’t have it, this document can be transacted physically at the points of attention or you can make use of your virtual ID now available in the Coomeva MP App.