Useful applications for tracking your health Useful applications for tracking your health

Useful applications for tracking your health

Special 12 February, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

Healthcare applications in the mobile health market are revolutionizing the paradigm of how to prevent diseases.

According to The New York Times, products such as Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and Apple Watch have transformed technology in terms of health.

According to this U.S. news source, “This type of technology improves medical care in places where medical specialists are lacking. They also function as a healthcare and prevention tool.” Related article: Seniors fascinated with technology.

The following are a few healthcare apps:

  • Medisafe: This is a free application that reminds you to take your medication on time. You can synchronize it with different types of alarms and record data such as weight, height and calorie intake.
  • Endomo: This app registers the number of calories you burn by the time, distance and speed of the physical activity you perform.
  • El círculo de la salud: This app offers a more individualized calculation of cardiovascular risk factors. It gives users the opportunity to test their risk level for heart-related diseases.
  • My Headache Diary: With this application, people can register information about their headaches and migraines by recording the dates they occur, their duration and the medications they took to prevent them.

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