Useful Apps for Taking Care of Your Health Useful Apps for Taking Care of Your Health

Useful Apps for Taking Care of Your Health

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Technology should serve human health and well-being. Using it in the right way helps us to obtain valuable information on our bodies or on what we consume, improving our healthy practices.

Hernán Darío Salazar, Physician.

The world changes at a very fast pace. Lifestyles change and our daily routines incorporate new forms of technology. Throughout the world, more than 95% of the world’s population has access to a cell phone signal, and internet is available to make distances feel shorter and to share knowledge. Healthcare is not far from this reality and it should take advantage of the technological resources available in order to breakdown distance barriers and improve people’s quality of life.

Following this line of thought, technology is a synonym of life. Telemedicine, for example, is a resource that allows for medical treatments to be practiced from afar, giving priority to the well-being of people over any other distance-related limitation.

Similarly, mobile applications are an ideal way to take personalized care of yourself, getting access to information on your daily habits, how you sleep or walk, among others. It provides feedback that is useful to the individual for planning exercise routines and for improving health indicators.

“Many people use smartphone applications in order to organize their nutrition, exercise routines and even medical records. Since the cell phone has turned into another extension of the body, as people carry it with them everywhere and at all times, it is the ideal tool for monitoring healthy behavior,” Dr. Hernán Darío Salazar points out.


Healthy attitude

Taking on a negative attitude in response to this evolution in technology is to condemn a process that seeks progress and development. Promoting the monitoring of technology is necessary in order to prevent the existence of a negative perspective of the world of possibilities that this tool provides.

It is important to understand that the world does not revolve around technology, but that it should be used to create advantages and make positive transformation; yet it does not get the final word in a medical opinion. It is a resource that improves the work of the specialist and helps to consolidate their knowledge in order to protect your health and well-being.

Technology does not take the place of the work of a healthcare professional. It is there to support treatment processes, and to make it easier to acquire a healthier lifestyle.


39% of cell phone users that use one or more healthcare apps, also implement the use of exercise and nutrition apps.


6:00 is the time at which the greatest data traffic from health and exercise apps occurs, according to a study by Citrix.


Try these healthcare apps!


This is a free application that sends you reminders on when to take your medicine. Different alarms can be synchronized together and data on the patient can be entered such as weight, height and number of calories consumed.



This tool classifies food according to the number of calories it has. The color green represents healthy food, and red represents junk food. It can monitor what we consume on a daily basis. The application includes payment.



This is a free application that records the number of calories you have burned according to time, route distance and sustained speed while jogging, running or riding a bike.


El Círculo de la Salud (Spanish, The Circle of Health)

This is a tool that can control cardiovascular risk factors in a personalized way. The user has access to a test in order to assess their cardiovascular risk. Depending on the results, the application provides information on how to stop and reduce risk factors.


My Headache Diary

This is an application that registers information on headaches and migraines. It records the date they occur, how long they last, and the medications that are taken to deal with this condition. This data can be exported from the app to be sent in a report to your personal physician •


Note: These apps are available on the platforms of Android and/or iOS operating systems.