Vaping does affect your health Vaping does affect your health

For some smokers, e-cigarettes and vapes are a modern and less harmful alternative for your health. But is this true?

Due to their variety of flavors, and because they are easy to clean and use rechargeable batteries, e-cigarettes and vapes are an attractive alternative to curb smokers’ cravings.

Starting in November 2019, however, some bills to regulate these devices in Colombia have been in the spotlight due to the many conditions that smokers in other countries have experienced such as irritation in the lungs and addiction, as some contain nicotine, just like regular tobacco.

As studies about these devices continue, the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection acknowledges that they are associated with bronchial and respiratory diseases, cardiovascular risk and different types of cancer; which is why the recommendation is to decrease their use. The website provides a few tips to help you quit smoking regular cigarettes or devices similar to them:

  •       Chew sugar-free gum or drink water
  •       Send a text message, call or go do something with a supportive friend
  •       Listen to your favorite music
  •       Go out running or walking
  •       Try yoga or meditating
  •       Take 10 deep breaths
  •       Keep your hands busy with a hobby such as drawing or making jewelry

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