Waking up early influences your state of health Waking up early influences your state of health

Waking up early influences your state of health

Special 23 September, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

A recent study published in the Natura Communications journal ensures that people who wake up earlier have fewer overweight and obesity problems, in addition to being less likely to suffer from insomnia and depression.

Another analysis conducted by researchers Lynn Hasher and Renée Bissel of the Department of Psychology of the University of Toronto in Canada affirms that individuals who wake up early feel positive emotions, tend to have a more stable personality and good health compared to those who stay awake until the wee hours of the night. To reach this conclusion, they interviewed 712 people, including young adults and seniors.

Both investigations agree that early risers have better health because their biological clock is equal to the pace at which they carry out their daily activities. Consequently, waking up early does not generate a feeling of tiredness in them. Moreover, the immune system is strengthened.

So if you want to begin to wake up earlier, bear these recommendations in mind:

  • Find a reason to wake up: plan next day so you will have time to do everything and feel less pressure throughout the day. Remember that mornings are the best time to have more efficiency at work.
  • Forget the “ten more minutes”: when the alarm clock rings, get up right away. Those 10 minutes make you feel sleepier and will end up delaying your whole day.
  • Rest for at least 6 hours: Sleeping the time necessary ensures that your body will rest well and will be active during the day.