Washing your hands, key in facing COVID-19 Washing your hands, key in facing COVID-19

This is the most practical measure to prevent catching the virus. It is also important to stay informed.

 The WHO has classified COVID-19 (new Coronavirus) as a public health emergency of international importance. In general, coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause anything from colds to more complex respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia.

It is important to check if you have symptoms such as difficulty breathing, cough, fever (for more than two days), fatigue, nasal discharge, and general malaise.

Also, authorities state that it is best to stay calm and abide by the preventative measures. For example, washing your hands frequently with water and soap or antibacterial gel (with at least 60% alcohol) reduces your risk of catching the virus by 50%.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection offers other recommendations such as:

  •         Avoiding direct contact with sick people.
  •         Covering your mouth with the inside of your elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  •         Staying at home and using masks if you have cold symptoms.
  •         Airing out bedrooms and cleaning surfaces.

If you are in Colombia and have questions about COVID-19, contact the toll-free national phone line: 01-8000 955 590 or in Bogota 330 50 41, enabled by the Ministry of Health.

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