Watch your intake of fructose Watch your intake of fructose

A group of researchers from Spain analyzed the effects of fructose during a pregnancy and concluded that in excess, the consumption of fructose can damage the placenta and lead to oxidative stress in the fetus.

Researchers from CEU San Pablo University found that consuming high amounts of this type of sugar increases the risk of infants experiencing metabolic diseases in their adult lives. In addition, they found that of all the variables that can affect the health of a fetus, perhaps the most influential is the mother’s diet. “The purpose of the study is to get society in general, specifically women, to think about reducing their consumption of fructose and opting for natural foods and drinks instead of processed foods and artificial beverages.” (Related article: Sugar, the ingredient found in many foods).

It is important to emphasize that fructose is used to make corn syrup, used by the food industry to sweeten processed foods, manufactured baked goods, ice cream, jams, sauces, condiments and especially beverages with artificial ingredients. (Related article: Beverages with Added Sugar Can Cause Heart Damage, article in Spanish).

Several years ago, a connection was found between the consumption of these foods, also containing this sweetener, and the development of conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

The study

For this study, the research team used three groups of animals. One of them drank a solution containing fructose throughout their gestation period. The other two groups just drank water or a glucose solution. The three groups were all fed the same standard food used for laboratory animals, however high oxidation levels were found in both the plasma and liver of the fetuses from the first group.