We are much more than health plans We are much more than health plans

At Coomeva Private Healthcare, we want to provide you with quality services, with the accompaniment you and your family need.

If they ask you, what is welfare? what comes to your mind when you hear that word? Surely many matters come to your mind, time with your family, sharing with your friends, feeling fulfilled, being healthy. The general definition of well-being indicates it is the presence of “things necessary to live well.” But more than a set of issues and things, it is a state where the most important thing is to feel good.

To this extent, health is a fundamental part of well-being, as it is the principle to effectively feel good physically and mentally. That is why our purpose is well-being. With our services, we provide company and health solutions, in a comprehensive manner. And in addition, we focus on prevention, promoting the quality of life of our users.

This is how our flagship program Cuidarte es Quererte evolves. We want you to know that we are much more than health plans, we are the ally for your well-being and that of those you love the most. Our commitment to your peace of mind continues and our goal is to encourage healthy lifestyles for our users.

As Coomeva Private Healthcare, we are pioneers in the country with the type of services we offer: “We are a company with 46 years in the sector, knowledgeable of the needs of the market and supported by an organization of tradition and prestige as is the Cooperativa Coomeva”, says Marco Montes Martínez, General Manager of Coomeva Private Healthcare.

And we achieve all this by having a wide network of health professionals, from various branches and specialties, who work in prestigious medical centers, clinics, and laboratories of the country. In addition to the above, we have comprehensive programs such as Oro Plus with coverages, assistance abroad, consultations with specialists outside the directory, daily allowance in case of hospitalization, unemployment insurance, among many more benefits. We also have the Plata Joven program for those looking for quality, but who require different rates; other programs include Tradicional Especial and Programa Asociado, for members of the Cooperativa Coomeva. We also offer Dental Elite services with comprehensive dental coverage and Coomeva Medical Emergency (CME), for emergency and urgency care at home, or wherever you need it.

Accessing a comprehensive health service facilitates the adoption of healthy lifestyles. “A portfolio like the one Coomeva Private Healthcare offers promotes self-care with tips for healthy eating, physical activity, sexuality, and rest. It is available not only when you are sick, but it also proposes a better quality of life”, concludes Montes Martínez. •

We have a network of 6,000 health professionals, from different branches and specialties.