We support your process We support your process

Discover the benefits offered to you and your baby by Maternidad Contigo, a program from our Cuidarte es Quererte model by Coomeva Private Healthcare.

A new arrival in a family is a real adventure: full of challenges, lessons, but above all lots of love. And of course, with the Maternidad Contigo program at Coomeva Private Healthcare, we are by your side during this life process and we provide you with the services and information you need.

We want to look after yours and your baby’s health, and offer you advice as a new parent. That’s why we also make a doula available to you, who will be there to monitor the process and give you advice and emotional support during pregnancy, birth and, later, your time with your newborn.

Through this program from the Cuidarte es Quererte model by Coomeva Private Healthcare, we ensure that both parents and children receive individualized care in education, relevant procedures, interventions, and timely control of any biological, psychological and social risks that may occur. 

  • Maternidad Contigo provides you with Doulas to offer you support and monitoring throughout pregnancy and following the birth of your newborn.
  • A personalized online education plan, according to your stage of pregnancy.
  • General medicine video checkups without direct payment coupons.
  • Unlimited teleguidance with psychology and nutrition.
  • Personalized assistance with administrative procedures.