What a grass toe is? What a grass toe is?

What a grass toe is?

WITH YOUR BODY 14 February, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

Of a particular name, this injury affects the first toe and occurs commonly in people who actively practice physical exercise.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons defines grass toe as a joint sprain of the first toe that results in an injury during sport activities, and which generally occurs due an excessively bending this joint up and down.

This affectation can be the result of first toe obstruction or a recurrent injury produced by repeatedly pushing when running or jumping. It is more frequently reported by football, basketball players, gymnasts, athletes and dancers.

The name of this injury, explains the American College, is given because this injury is particularly common amongst those who play on artificial grass and “the first toe can hit on such hard surface, resulting in an obstruction of its joint. Indications also exist that wearing flexible shoes, with little support, on artificial grass can be the cause of this affection”.

Pain, swelling and movement restriction of the joint are signals of alert. Although a specialist doctor shall examine the foot, study patient’s clinical chart and order diagnostic tests, it is important to take into account, as adds the American College, that if the first grass toe is the result of repetitive actions that originate the injury, the signals and symptoms will slowly start and can gradually get worse.

To be taken into account

This grass first toe can also be caused by a direct injury that produces damage in the bone below the cartilage. If so, the signals and symptoms can suddenly start and get worse within a period of time of 24 hours.

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