What happens when you see auras? What happens when you see auras?

The so called “auras” can be light flashes or blind points, a classic symptom of migraine.

They are also accompanied by a sensation of tingling on the face or the hands. The Mayo Clinic describes the auras as vision annoyances and changes, such as seeing geometrical or line form spots floating in the visual field. Together with this, it is common to feel numbness, speech difficulties and muscle weakness.

Generally, the migraine aura occurs one hour before the headache as such starts, and usually lasts less than 60 minutes. The specialists believe that the migraine with visual aura is similar to an electric wave that goes to the part of the brain in charge of visual signals and provokes this kind of glares.

Other migraine signs are intense headaches, nauseas and sensibility to sound and light.

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