What if your baby does not crawl? What if your baby does not crawl?

Not all babies sit up by themselves, crawl and then move onto walking; this does not mean the child has a problem, however.

Studies from Harvard Medical School in the United States show that crawling is not necessarily a skill that all babies develop. Sometimes they never even use crawling to move around, or they do it for just a few months before they start to walk right away.

Normally, babies begin to move around in different ways between 9 and 12 months, when they either scoot, crawl or start walking right away.

Harvard professors recommend allowing babies to move about freely at first, not making them move their feet in any particular way. “It’s okay for babies to scoot about the ground, for example. While there are many parents that think that this affects their development, as humans, we simply all develop in different ways,” explains Michel Losak, one of the researchers.

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