What is the better clothing for running? What is the better clothing for running?

Beyond the tennis and ideal shoes for practicing running, wearing clothes with certain technical specifications will make running practice easier.

Socks and stockings

This is one of the garments the amateurs forget the most. Some good stocks are basic for avoiding frictions and ampoules that could appear as a result of this sport practice. Likewise, those socks manufactured from easy drying materials absorb sweating better, helping to maintain the feet fresh, dry and ventilated. The United States National Library of Medicine recommends to wear socks made of polyester compounds or of other especial fibers.

T-shirts and pants

As well as with the socks, some technically developed fabrics exist that help the individual who wear them to feel comfortable and dry.

The cotton manufactured garments are not the most recommended ones, as this material absorbs sweating and takes long to dry. Among the fast-drying fabrics highlight the synthetic ones, made of polyester or polypropylene. Wearing this kind of garments doesn’t assure that the individual sweats less, but will help to maintain sweating away from his skin, and to maintain it fresh and dry for a longer period of time.

At the time of running it is ideal that the garments wore be adjusted and ideally expandable, given the friction generated by the constant movement of the extremities and the speed of the exercise.