What the body says about its mind What the body says about its mind

 The work or home problems affect your body, learn how to bear them in order to feel better.

Illnesses such as gastritis, headaches and muscle pains can be alerts from your mind. The American Association of Psychology states that the body and the brain are closely  linked, and therefore, if your mental health is deteriorated, your physic condition will also deteriorate. Likewise, if your health is compromised, you would probably feel mentally depressed.

It is normal that your mind alters in front of difficult situations, such as deaths, divorces or loss of employment. However, even every day’s activities, such as home tasks, studying and working, which can appear to be simple and easy to manage, generate stress and anxiety, and their associated physical symptoms. Some people even feel overwhelmed by to their dailiness and damage their health.

 A contraposition to said problems and the routine, is to develop a resilience attitude, which has been proven that contributes to adapting to stress in a positive manner and to cultivating emotional balance. Likewise, receiving psychotherapy treatment provides strategies to confront the daily challenges and stress, in order to maintain an optimal physical and mental health.

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