What to do after a firework burn What to do after a firework burn

Burn victim rates have reduced in Colombia in recent years. However, many people are still injured by handling them.

According to figures from the Colombian National Health Institute, during the holiday celebrations of 2017, 781 people were injured by fireworks, an 11% drop compared to figures from the same period in 2016. While this figure is a decrease, the recommendation is to avoid using fireworks during holiday celebrations as much as possible, take extra precautions with children and seek immediate medical attention if an accident occurs.

If a person is burned, call emergency responders or take the injured person to the closest urgent care center. Keep the following recommendations in mind during this process.

  •     Remove the person from the object that caused the burn.
  •     Wash the affected area with plenty of water. If you use soap, try to make sure it is a neutral soap.
  •     Avoid using soaps that have fragrances, lotions, ointments, scents or other properties that could inflame or infect the skin.
  •     Do not massage or scrub the skin, rupture blisters or try to remove the items that are stuck to the skin.
  •     Cover the wound with a sterile or clean material such as gauze, towels or sheets.