What to do with expired medication What to do with expired medication

Both governmental and non-governmental organizations are responsible for disposing of this form of waste correctly.

Whether they were purchased to treat a specific condition, were not completely used, or because they are a part of your medicine cabinet and are now expired, because medications contain chemical elements that can be toxic to the environment or to other people, special measures must be taken in order to eliminate them.

The practice of flushing them down the toilet or throwing them out with the rest of your household garbage is not recommended because these can contaminate water sources or other people may use them incorrectly. To prevent this, the Colombian organization Corporación Punto Azul, has established collection sites called puntos azules (blue points) at some pharmacies or chain supermarkets where you can take the medications you no longer use.

Keep in mind

What can you take to a punto azul?

Expired, spoiled or partially consumed medications. The containers and packaging that medication comes in, can also be disposed of here: plastic pill bottles, glass bottles, blister packaging, cardboard, thin cardboard packaging and any packaging medications come in, in general.

What cannot be discarded here?

Sharp objects such as syringes with the needles in them, scalpels, biological waste, or any item that has been in contact with the human body such as gauze or cotton, among other items.

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