What you need to know about taking domestic flights in times of Covid-19 What you need to know about taking domestic flights in times of Covid-19

If you are going to travel, be sure to follow the biosafety measures and requirements to avoid possible contagion on the plane or at the airport.

With the gradual reactivation of economic sectors in Colombia, travelers have not been slow to return to their old traveling habits. Airports are slowly resuming their activity, and the number of people moving between the country’s cities is increasing at the boarding gates. For this reason, it is necessary to reinforce biosafety measures and, most importantly, individual awareness and self-care.

In addition to the use of masks, hand washing and social distancing (which are the main precautions to take into account for almost any activity), at El Dorado airport, for example, they recommend checking the special requirements for your destination city before scheduling your flight. In addition, travelers can arrive at the airport a maximum of two hours before the flight, and the only person who can enter the terminal is the traveler.

Please note that for domestic flights, you do not need to have a negative PCR test, however, it is mandatory to download the CoronApp application and fill out the survey and health information in order to enter the airport. If you have problems with the application, you must fill out a form at the entrance.

Some airlines are offering additional services such as checking your hand luggage for free at the airline counter to reduce crowding in the aisle once on the plane. There is no size limit for hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.

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