What you should know to motivate keeping fit What you should know to motivate keeping fit

The Human and Health Service Division of the United States recommends a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity

Simplification is the challenge.  There are no miraculous exercises, furthermore, a   few well assigned ones can be enough. Nevertheless, to assess which the most adequate physical fitness routine experts from the Mayo Clinic suggest taking into account the following aspects to brazen up to keeping fit.

  • Write down and assess some reference points on your physical state to give you an idea of the goals you require while at the same time determining your progress.
  • Identify your medical condition or lesions before initiating an exercise program
  • Keep your objectives in mind as well as your doctor’s recommendations. What are your motivations?
  • Training does not have to be costly or even necessarily in a gym. Incorporate simple physical activities in your program.
  • It is important to please yourself. Exercise does not have to be boring. Carry out activities that you enjoy.
  • For women who are approaching menopause, regular physical activity brings many benefits and improves their state of mind.

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