When a child hits their head When a child hits their head

When a child hits their head

Small giants 2 October, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

When a child is hit, it is important to keep the following signs in mind, as they may be indicative of a major trauma.

According to the Colombian Pediatrics Association, head injuries can occur frequently between six months and six years of age. These types of injuries can be very stressful due to the possibility of a major injury to the brain. Remember, an internal injury is what determines the severity of a head injury.

Warning signs to look out for

During the first 24 hours after a trauma, special attention should be paid to the onset of certain symptoms that may be indicative of internal brain injuries. These warning signs include:

  •  An intense desire to sleep, or difficulty waking up. Similarly, if the trauma occurred just before going to sleep, it is a good idea to wake the child up at some point during the night to check that the child can wake up without any problems.
  •   Repeated vomiting.
  •   Loss of consciousness or disorientation.
  •   The onset of seizures or abnormal movements.
  •   Weak limbs.
  •   With infants or children under age two, persistent crying or sustained irritability.
  •   Vision problems or a different pupil size.
  •  The secretion of blood or clear fluid through the nose or ear canal.

Keep in mind: It is normal for pain to occur in the area that was hit. Usually, this pain is intense at first, but then it reduces.

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