When being busy becomes a disease When being busy becomes a disease

Forgetting things, not enjoying your leisure time because you are thinking of work or continuing to postpone that outing with your friends are signs of what has earned the name, “Busy Life Syndrome.” 

This is a condition that generally occurs among young people and is described as affecting those who suffer from stress, memory loss and a lack of concentration. According to a study published by CPA Research, the more stimuli and external pressure a person has, the more likely the symptoms begin to appear.

Technology, the use of smartphones and social networks together with our high exposure to the media, television or internet all lead to being hyperconnected which is how people receive too much information. This also reduces the time our minds can rest and overstimulates our brains.

Specialists that performed this study explain that it is up to each individual to prevent this syndrome. The key is in reducing our hypoconnectivity and in finding solutions to the work or family stresses that make these symptoms worse.


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