When children are shy When children are shy

Shyness is a behavior pattern common in childhood, however, it preoccupies some parents, mainly those who much value sociability.

The web site Healthy Children, from the American Academy of Psychology, explains that some children become shy due to a difficult event they experiment, but that most children born with this characteristic in their personality. It is normal that for the little ones some situations are complicated, especially if they imply to be surrounded by and interact with strangers and within new contexts. However, most shy children achieve good relations and adapt to social environments once an initial period of accommodation elapses.

Gradually, most little ones, who at the beginning are shy, learn how to overcome their shyness, and some of them don’t behave as such although in their interior continue feeling shy. Likewise, the parents have the possibility of subtly guiding their children within different social contexts, for them to learn how to successfully interact.

Take into account

It is feasible that very shy children do not adapt well to school as the rest of their partners. It can also happen that the little one purportedly avoids social sceneries and prefer to be isolated, or that interactions produce him/her to feel anxious. In these cases, the right thing to do is to consult a professional.

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