When pain becomes chronic When pain becomes chronic

When pain becomes chronic

Prevention 11 January, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

Pain is the most common cause of doctors’ visits. In some people, the pain can last for life.

While it is possible to get relief from pain, sometimes it becomes frequent and chronic. According to the American Psychology Association, this condition is more complex than you think, as it is not limited to a physical sensation, but involves different factors that affect different areas of life: psychology, biology and the emotions.

In addition to pain, people can also feel anger, frustration, helplessness, sadness and anxiety. In addition to medication, surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy, treatment should also therefore come with psychological support.

This helps patients understand the changes they are experiencing in regard to their pain, thoughts and emotions, helping them to manage their discomfort and more easily overcome their condition. This also helps reduce the intensity of the pain.

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