When should I get the hepatitis A vaccine? When should I get the hepatitis A vaccine?

If you are considering Central or South America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa as one of your travel options this year, be aware of the recommendations many of these places have for getting vaccinated against hepatitis A. 

According to the webpage Medline Plus, travelers should begin a series of vaccines at least one month prior to traveling, “…in order to benefit from the best protection.” This source clarifies that if you begin later than this period, you can get an immunoglobulin vaccine, which provides immediate, yet temporary, protection.

If the person traveling has a disease or is under medical treatment, it is also important for them to consult with their doctor prior to receiving the vaccine as they may need to wait.

The general suggestion is to prepare for your trip one month in advance in order to learn about the required vaccines and to have them administered adequately when they are necessary.

Other vaccines that might be required or recommended for many of these destinations include: yellow fever, cholera, polio and hepatitis E. (Read also: Vaccinations before you vacation)


Some of the destinations that people must get vaccinated against hepatitis A most frequently for include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.