When to ask for psychological support? When to ask for psychological support?

Learn to recognize when you should ask for professional support.

According to the website Psiquiatría, going through difficult emotional stages is normal. If these stages become recurrent, however, it is erroneous to believe that it is only a matter of time, that they will go away by themselves or that you can fix them without help. The following situations are warning signs that you should seek professional help:

  •   Having thoughts that affect your ability to be at peace on a regular basis.
  •   Not finding a biological or rational cause for experiencing these thoughts.
  •   No longer enjoying things in your life that used to be a source of joy or pleasure.
  •   Having obsessive thoughts that lead to other thoughts you cannot control.
  •   Having sudden negative thoughts and struggling to put a stop to them.

Remember that only a specialist can offer guidance and accurately identify the mental condition you are suffering from, which is why it is best to ask for help.

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