Where happiness comes from? Where happiness comes from?

Approximately 10% of happiness depends on the situation an individual is living, so says the web site KidsHealth, from the Nemours Foundation.

Therefore, that feeling of pleasantness and life enjoyment is more related to individuals and their personalities than to their respective contexts. The specialists on the issue conclude that more than half of happiness obeys to factors that are under the control of people, and they also found that those who are happy have better health and more enriching interpersonal relations.

Likewise, positive emotions such as happiness, gratitude, inspiration, love, creativeness and amazement have an important effect on the wellbeing and happiness. This is why, it is very important to generate such emotions through simple acts such as walking your pet, watching a film or sharing a meal with your family.

In the same way, it is important to discover new hobbies and strengthens, maintaining good relations with those you love, paying more attention to actions and to the reasons of such actions, as well as establishing goals and new purposes to be achieved.

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