Why some kids don’t lose their baby teeth Why some kids don’t lose their baby teeth

Why some kids don’t lose their baby teeth

For your smile 15 December, 2017 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

Some kids may reach adulthood with a few of these teeth.

It is important for children to get periodic dental checkups, not only to diagnose dental cavities, but to learn the value of dental care. Dental checkups allow for specialists to determine if a situation is too abnormal for treatment. Dentist Martha Durán from the Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics specialty clinic in Spain, explains why some children do not lose their baby teeth.

  1. Hypodontia. When a permanent tooth is missing because, as the result of there not being a stimulus, the root is not reabsorbed (hard tissues are not eliminated) and the baby tooth remains. This condition is hereditary.

How can it be treated? This depends on the tooth that is missing and the type of bite the person has. In some cases, it is best to keep the baby tooth as long as possible; or if the tooth falls out, a device called a space maintainer should be used until it is the right time to replace the missing tooth with an implant or bridge.

  1. The baby tooth has formed, but it is not coming out. This occurs for several different reasons: there is not enough room for the tooth to enter (dental crowding); an injury to the baby tooth is pushing on the permanent tooth germ, which disturbs the pathway of the tooth’s eruption; or there is an obstruction (an extra tooth, for example).

How can it be treated? In most cases, the baby tooth is extracted and you have to wait until the permanent tooth makes its way out on its own. In some cases, if the permanent tooth is far from where it should be or if there is a threat affecting the roots of the tooth, it is best for it to be pulled out.

  1. Ankylosis. This occurs when the baby tooth is stuck to the bone. Its cause remains unknown. In many cases, the baby teeth appear sunken in comparison to the other teeth.

What can be done? The most common solution is to extract it to prevent a deformation from forming in the bone it is stuck in. After this process, it is recommended to use a space maintainer.

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