Without an excuse at the time of practicing a physical activity Without an excuse at the time of practicing a physical activity

Including a sport routine in the day favors people’s life quality.

A sport routine, in addition to having impact on preventing non-transmissible diseases, improves cardiovascular, metabolic, osteoarticular, cognitive and emotional health. Therefore, it increases academic performance in children and adults, as well as their social relations, explains the World Health Organization, WHO.

Samantha Clayton, an expert on Physical Education, shares some advises for practicing some physical activity during the day:

Complying with a minimal time of exercise. When the joints are maintained in movement, there is less probability of suffering mobility loss and joint pain. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Mixing impact. Practicing exercises that due to their nature are of high impact, such as walking, running or jumping, help maintaining healthy bones. Alternating with low impact activities, such as swimming or riding bicycle.

Exercising at home and at the office. If it is difficult for you to allow 30 minutes a day for exercising, then try to make three or more mini-sessions of exercise a day. At the office, for example, we recommend a fast walk after lunch.

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