Work environments that  support mental health Work environments that  support mental health

For employees’ wellbeing, strategies focused on knowledge and prevention are essential.

Medical Advisor: Sandra Yanira Ocampo
National Manager Human Resources, Coomeva Private Healthcare Health Department

Everything related to an individual’s attitudes and emotions is a part of mental health, also known as behavioral health. Currently, there is a great deal of focus on this area as self-care transcends physiological aspects. At an international level, for example, Mental Health Day (October 10) is celebrated in order to highlight the efforts being made to contribute to education and increase knowledge regarding this issue. According to the WHO, one in every 5 people has some type of mental health problem at work. It is common that, as a result of daily situations in the workplace, there are those who suffer from stress, anxiety, and relational difficulties.

Therefore, it is important that areas such as Human Resources and Health and Security at the workplace promote plans and actions to mitigate these risk factors. Among these strategies is helping employees minimize and avoid work-related stress, providing education related to competencies that facilitate dealing with challenges, teamwork, leadership, and adapting to change. Safe and enjoyable places where mental health is supported from recognition, prevention, and trust need to be promoted, as well as places where creativity, autonomy, and appreciation of work done are encouraged.

Friendly enviroments

Are created by:

  • Valuing diversity.
  • Having programs and policies that promote wellbeing.
  • Educating personnel on issues related to mental health.
  • Maintaining the trust and support of employees during their treatments, when required.

Source: Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)