Working together as a couple is possible Working together as a couple is possible

When a couple decides to work together at the same place, there are few tips to keep in mind in order for both people to be successful at work.

Medical Advisor: Ilse Margarita Orozco, psychologist, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare

W orking together does not have to be problematic if both people are clear about the different roles they play and respect the relationship each person has with their work, regardless of being in an intimate relationship. This creates an opportunity to strengthen the bond they have with each other and to share something that is part of two different areas of their lives, while avoiding mixing them together.

Psychologist Ilse Margarita Orozco warns that when someone is a boss, they must treat all members of their team equally in order to not create differences among them, treating their partner with the same expectations and respect as the others. To preserve this type of working relationship, the partner should not ask for preferential treatment, and when he or she gains access to privileged information unintentionally as a result of this connection, the partner should maintain complete confidentiality.

If the couple has similar positions, the recommendation is the same: to not confuse work issues with relationship issues, and to respect the competencies and duties that each person has in their job, acting as coworkers.

Other aspects

A structured relationship, especially when couples are business partners, is when there is mutual trust that allows them to believe in each other and good communication that allows them to be productive colleagues. Each person in a relationship should recognize their own skills as well as those of the other so that they can be best used by the company. Another tip is to identify responsibilities to be clear about who will be in charge of different activities and following through with them. This will allow them to be a proactive team and serves as a way for them to constantly support each other so that both people continue to develop. Problems are growing opportunities that can be a benefit to the business.

It is therefore important to listen to each other and understand why criticism arises in order to make it a constructive problem. A couple should also keep each other’s interests, pleasures and hobbies in mind in order to do them outside of work. Whether you take vacations, do activities outdoors, go out to dinner, go to a movie or eat ice cream, for example, it is important to continue doing activities both people enjoy where work matters are not mentioned.

Being business partners together

If a couple decides to start a business together or already has one, the following recommendations may be helpful:

Make it legal. When you are going to start a business as a couple, it is important to make it legal through contracts, schedules, vacation time and by applying legally-mandated benefits to both people.

Plan. Organize the financial resources you have and keep the financial support you expect to have in a structured way so that the business does not negatively affect the family’s finances, but rather benefits from it. (This may be of your interest: A happy marriage depends on a couple’s attitude).

Plan. Lay out the goals you have and how you will achieve them.

Work as a team. Both partners should act as team members where each is an important part of reaching the company’s

Be efficient and have fun

Working together as a couple has its advantages, such as sharing a space and a job together with the person you love. Once you establish boundaries and makes mutual agreements, your work duties will function better and be more enjoyable.

Providing mutual support to each other and respecting the responsibilities that each person has helps make for a better work environment.