World Cancer Day 2017 World Cancer Day 2017

World Cancer Day 2017

Armony in health 4 February, 2017 Ana María López de Mesa

This February 4, join the fight against cancer and take action to create awareness, reduce misleading information and help those most in need. 

With the campaign, “We can. I can,” the Union for International Cancer Control is promoting a series of actions that everybody can take whether individuals, corporations or governments to make the fight against this disease a worldwide trend.

Even individual efforts can contribute greatly to ensuring a space that is healthy for all: reducing activities that are harmful to others such as smoking in public, for example. With personal care, the campaign encourages leading a healthy lifestyle and getting preventative early detection screenings.

They key to reducing mortality rates caused by this disease is catching it early, even before symptoms even appear. There are even specific tests that can detect certain types of cancer early. For breast cancer, the recommendation is to get a mammography every two years after age 50; for cervical cancer, annual exams are recommended after becoming sexually active; for prostate cancer, the prostate-specific antigen test and rectal exam should be taken after age 50; for colon and rectal cancer, a fecal occult blood test should be taken every 5 years and a colonoscopy every 10 years, after age 50.


Cancer in Colombia

According to figures from the Colombian Ministry of Health, the most common type of cancer in women is breast cancer followed by cervical, stomach, lung, colon and rectal cancer. In men, the most common form is stomach cancer followed by prostate, lung, colon and rectal cancer and leukemia.