Yoga: A lifestyle Yoga: A lifestyle

Yoga: A lifestyle

Armony in health 22 October, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

People that practice yoga use it for its combination of physical, mental and breathing exercises, with the objective of achieving greater control and balance of the mind and body.

The translation for this thousand-year-old technique that began in the East is “union.” Yoga is more than just a simple exercise; it involves the physical, mental and spiritual body through the implementation of poses and breathing techniques. Mantras, or sacred utterances, as well as mudras (which are mainly performed with the hands), are often used in the practice to invoke a certain energy. Other elements are also used in the practice, but they vary depending on the school and instructor. See also: Yoga for your life

For Dora Leyland Ortiz Yarce, a yoga instructor at Sri Lanhka Yoga and Smartworkout, certified by Inbound Internacional yoga school, “Yoga takes the student from the most simple to the most complex, which is why it is important to begin working on the physical body with the poses, then move towards developing its most essential element: the being. Yoga can be defined by being a profound individual experience, a state of consciousness and a complete integration of the self.” Related article: Routines for a healthy day

According to the instructor, anyone can incorporate it in their lifestyle, as it is not just about practicing physical poses. “There are very few exceptions to this, including people who have a severe mental or physical limitation such as paralysis. Although, even in these cases, mantra yoga can be practiced to free the mind and make it more objective.”