Your and your family’s health are a priority Your and your family’s health are a priority

This is the foundation for a full life, an aspect in which it is certainly worth investing all your effort in. In Coomeva Private Healthcare, we are convinced that prevention is your best friend.

Although genetics, combined with environmental, economic, and health factors determines a person’s state of health, it could be said that a considerable portion of it depends on modifiable behaviors such as habits and lifestyle. Therefore, ensuring the care and wellbeing of you and your loved ones is the ultimate commitment.

Health addresses a more comprehensive concept that does not only imply the absence of disease. As defined by the World Health Organization, optimal health also refers to physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Therefore, its conservation and protection are not simply reduced to a plan for care and healing.

Health first

If this was not obvious enough, it is clear now with the new reality stemming from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Besides the undeniable impact of the disease as such, this virus is the best example of how health also depends on medical services, as well as additional circumstances that have to do with how each person takes care of himself and others. This is associated with mental and emotional health, relationships with the environment, and monetary and social issues as well.

A common desire is to have the highest possible level of health that allows one to live according to what each person considers favorable. Under this same premise, health also has to do with freedom, since one of the lessons we have learned from the current global health emergency is that the basis for achieving this optimal level of health is to be able to access comprehensive programs focused on the individual and his or her lifestyle and surroundings.

In addition, they should ensure the best quality and coverage, including care and healing, but not only focusing on it. Thus, moving from socializing the fear of disease and death to promoting the value of life is essential. This way, people are encouraged to stay healthy and fit.

When choosing a plan

Before selecting a voluntary insurance plan for you and your loved ones, it is important for you to analyze the institution’s support network. Marco Montes Martínez, general manager at Coomeva Private Healthcare, offers some recommendations to consider.

In the first place, it must be a stable and reliable organization, “an insurance company with the greatest experience, which has an intrinsic philosophy of solidarity,” states Montes Martínez. Likewise, you as a user should know the coverage you are entitled to, for example “having the freedom to choose from the best specialists, multiple channels of care, unemployment insurance to cover fees, medication coverage, 24/7 home healthcare visits, and the certainty of being supported by a private healthcare company that focuses on and thinks of its users,” he adds.

Also, it is essential for an entity to care about the wellbeing of its users, their physical and mental health, “a solution that allows access to different plans and rates. From comprehensive medicine, oral health, medical emergencies, and alliances that promote wellbeing. This, together with experts in dietary patterns, physical activity, sexuality, and rest,” comments the general manager.

Finally, Marco Montes Martínez reminds us that staying healthy is the best investment you can make, because those who prioritize their healthcare value every moment of their lives. “This is the time to focus on what is essential, on what joins us together as human beings. Health is and will be the greatest asset we have to take care of,” he concludes. •

4.6 million services are provided by Coomeva per year, ensuring its users’ wellbeing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed that now is the time to focus on what is essential. Health is and will always be paramount.