Your first few hours at work are your most productive Your first few hours at work are your most productive

While it is normal for people to want to escape from stress, in the right amount, releasing adrenaline can help people choose to take on new challenges.

According to a study from the University of Texas in the United States, despite stress being considered a hidden cause of many illnesses or something to be concerned about, its actual function is to activate people’s defense mechanisms, “…so that people become worried about their survival, which increases their physical performance and sharpens their senses.”

The university’s research explains that the body needs stress to improve its ability to react, produce and concentrate. For example, having a disagreement with your partner, a confrontation with your boss, having to slam the brakes of your car or going parachuting, are all stressful situations.

When a person experiences them, this releases hormones that makes the brain more alert, causes your muscles to become tense and increases your heart rate. These are all positive reactions that help control the situations that cause people to be overly concerned, they also improve their heart function and mental activity. Other benefits include:

  •       Greater motivation and improved creativity
  •       Greater cognitive ability
  •       Faster breathing so that the brain receives more oxygen
  •       Greater productivity and ability to resolve conflicts
  •       Greater concentration

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